Sunday, February 19th-Andrew Frantz - Sharing and Expanding Beliefs about the Divine / What I Learned about God in Minister School

As Unitarian Universalists we are called to search for our own truth and meaning. Some of us believe in God, many of us do not–and it’s not simply a yes or no question!  Bring your open mind and loving heart as we explore religious naturalism, the idea of God as the web of life, and the wisdom of theologians from Bernard Loomer to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Andrew Frantz is a long-time member of OUUF. He now lives in Wooster, Ohio and is pursuing a Ma…

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Sunday, February 26th Rev. Mary Grigolia - Calling Our Angels

During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln called our divided country to ‘the better angels of our nature,’ imagining our hearts broken open. In this turbulent time, how may we open our hearts, learn and heal?

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Minister Report - November 2016


November 2016 – Mary Grigolia’s MINISTER’S REPORT TO THE
BOARD OF TRUSTEES of Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Reflecting on the services defined in our covenant of ministerial services:

1. Hold the overview of the spiritual health and well-being of the congregation:
Although people seem edgy about the election, the congregation’s climate seems
okay. What are we seeing? How are you experiencing the congreg…

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All meditation sessions are being held at the Fellowship:
1st and 3rd Tuesdays, 1-2 p.m.
2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 6-7 p.m.

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Building & Grounds Report - November 2016

Building and Grounds Report – November 2016

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Social Justice Team Policy Statement

Social Justice Team’s Role

Social Justice Team’s role is to:
1. Regularly inform the Fellowship of issues of social justice that need immediate attention,
particularly local actions;

2. Use the following three national programs/ certifications to guide our activities:
a. The Ministry for the Earth Green Sanctuary Program
b. The UUA’s Welcoming Congregation Program
c. Standing on the…

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ARE Programs for Spiritual and Ethical Awakening

Are you interested in discussing the Bible, in a Liberal way?  ARE Programs

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Whoever you are, we welcome you. Wherever you come from, we welcome you. Whomever you love, we welcome you.

February MonthLooking for spiritual community? Are you passionate about peace and justice, sustainability, and religious freedom? Come visit! We welcome you!

The Oberlin UU Fellowship is a welcoming, caring community that promotes religious freedom, encourages spiritual and personal growth, and works for a peaceful, just, and sustainable world.

Our congregation is a living, breathing group of spiritually alive individuals who are in love with life and dedicated to pursuing our individual quests for truth, while working for social justice and environmental responsibility.


Black History Month - Hands



Rev. Mary GrigoliaRev. Mary Grigolia

Living from your beautiful heart in tough times.

As we enter a new era politically, that threatens/promises to reshape personal and community life, in my meditation and my journaling, I’m wondering:

  1. How to be open in heart and mind,
  2. How to be present with kindness
  3. How to show up for collective reflection and action

Many of you have shared with me your need to turn off the news. Yet you also feel compelled to stay informed. You ask, “Am I copping out?” No. You are being responsible. Media runs on the 3 C’s:  Conflict, Contradiction, Controversy. News needs a neurological response from us (so we keep tuning in), a squirt of the stress hormone, cortisol. It leaves us feeling on high alert. When we overdo the 3 Cs, we go into  ‘amygdala hijack,’ where everything and everyone looks like a threat; it’s hard to recover the sense of safety and well-being necessary for an open mind and caring heart.

This new political reality is not a personal attack. Yet it affects us all personally. To show up with creative minds and compassionate hearts, we have to become very skillful. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi both wrote that courage doesn’t require conquering fear, but cultivating the capacity to be present in your heart even when you’re afraid.

How do we do that? One way comes from mindfulness meditation: Because positive emotion (e.g., joy, kindness, gratitude) strengthens us, we first pay attention to the positive. We imagine gathering into one hand a positive feeling, intention or memory (e.g., our love for our country, compassion toward someone, yearning to speak truth to power). We imagine holding it as we breathe with gratitude. We allow the gratitude to strengthen every cell in our body. When we feel strong, we breathe into a negative feeling or thought we’re holding in our body (e.g., fear, sorrow, anger, inadequacy, blame); we imagine gathering it in the other hand. Then, breathing with compassion for our own suffering, we go back and forth, bringing awareness and breath,  until the positive can hold the negative with kindness.

Social justice is the shared spiritual/ethical practice of Unitarian Universalism. To engage for the long-haul, we need to stay in our hearts, in the midst of fear or anger. Many paths take us there: art, movement, gardening, walking in nature, meditation, etc. We each must take good care of ourselves. We are not alone. We hold meditation at the Fellowship every week. Please join us.

Our UU vision of civil rights is shared by the majority of Americans: in support of public education, equal rights for women and minorities, equal economic opportunity, responding to climate change. We draw on hundreds of years of courageous struggle for the dream of democracy. It’s in our bones. It’s who we are and can become if we take good care of ourselves.

May our congregation support you in living from your beautiful heart and shining mind, making a difference in our collective needs and dreams.


 We Welcome Mattis Deutch, our new Office Administrator!


Election - now whatPOST-ELECTION - Would you like a safe, community space to debrief the election and share a meal? Please, no political ranting. Just an opportunity to listen to each other reflect on the issues and needs emerging for our democracy. Join us on Sundays at OUUF!


SI 2017

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OUUF First SSMWe are excited by the decision of the Supreme Court on June 26, 2016 in favor of Same-Sex Marriage. If you are interested in a wedding location or celebrant, we would be pleased to help you. Give us a call or drop us an email. We want to Marry YOU!

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