April 3rd, 2016: Andy Frantz – “Doing the Work, Finding Your Passion”

Making your wildest dreams come true.

I invite you to courageously contemplate the questions of What do I really want in life? and How can I make it happen? I will share my own journey as it relates to these questions, and offer wisdom from the book “I Could Do Anything if I only Knew What It Was” by Barbara Sher.

Sunday, April 10th Rev. Mary Grigolia: “Symbol of Hope, of Refuge”

Can a multi-faith religious tradition have a symbol? In the 1940s, as our forebears wrestled with this question, men and women in the UU Service Committee drew chalices on windows of safe houses, for those fleeing the Nazis. The chalice evolves its own history, its own rules. We each add to its meaning. What does the UU chalice mean for you? Join us as we say ‘Thank You,’ and ‘See you at General Assembly,’ to the chalice visiting us from the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Sunday, April 17th – Green Sanctuary: “Do We Really Need All This Stuff?”

Modern humans buy, use, and throw away so much STUFF. Our high levels of consumption contribute to pollution, habitat loss for wildlife, and climate change.  Why do we do this?

This intergenerational service will explore the ways in which we’re hard wired to acquire, and how we can find new ways to satisfy our natural tendencies without destroying the planet.

Sunday April 24, 2016 – The Art of Conscious Aging: Rev. Mary Grigolia

Come explore the challenge facing our youth-obsessed culture – to embrace the spiritual tasks of the second half of life: to make meaning from our life journeys, to accept our limitations and our unique gifts, and to create ways together to share those gifts in the on-going expression of creation and evolution.

Sunday, March 20th Edie Fuchsman:”Rejecting the Labels: Loving Oneself”

Living in our society, we quickly learn how to categorize people by appearance, career, gender, and who we love.  We also learn what the kind of person we should be to be admired or simply fit in.  This leads to negative self-judement for many of us. Today, we will attempt to love who we truly are without the labels that tell us who we “should be”.  Self-love is a journey- a journey worth taking.