Sunday – April 2nd – Welcoming Congregation Task Force: Edie Fuchsman, Mary Melaragno, Frank Swinehart & Rev. Mary – “Transgender Stories”

Sharing personal stories allows us to see beyond self/other, to connect heart-to-heart, which energizes us to work for justice.

To learn more and know about Transgender Resources, click on “Read More”

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Sunday, April 23rd Green Sanctuary Team & Rev. Mary Grigolia “Celebrating the Green Sanctuary”

 With deregulation of polluting industries, dismissal of climate science, dismantling of governmental structures of environmental protection, we recommit ourselves as a Green Sanctuary, to the vision and work of sustainability and responsibility to the interdependent web of life.

Sunday, May 7th, 2017 – Franklin Swinehart: #UUWhiteSupremacyTeachIn!!**


“I don’t like that phrase? Are you talking about me? What is White Supremacy? Exposing our hidden self.”

Franklin Swinehart is a Nursing Home Administrator who serves Edgewood Manor in Port Clinton, Ohio. Frank has worked in healthcare for his whole career, with facilities located from country areas to inner city neighborhoods.
Franklin is a gay white male member of Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and married to Samuel Prince.

**We are so thrilled to announce that we have over 600 congregations/communities signed up for the TeachIn.
  We have communities from almost every single US state (come on South Dakota!), as well as international UU’s from Mumbai, New Zealand, the UK and Canada.

May we engage in listening and conversation!

Sometimes growth is thrust upon us. Some opportunities for growth are eagerly embraced. Some we miss because they are concealed or cryptic. Some we resist, or turn our backs so we needn’t acknowledge their presence.
*** The Faith Development Office has published a series of small group ministry sessions designed for reflection, discernment, and commitment of faith at this moment in U.S. political history: “A Call to Faith in Turbulent Times”
In July there’ll be Small Group Ministries either as a service or after a service to deepen our grounding as we experience these turbulent times externally and internally.
Would you like to facilitate one of these sessions?
contact or
More to come!! ***

Sunday March 5th – Rev. Samuel Prince – What Do We ask Back From Us?

Have you ever felt powerless and limited in your ability to do more? Of course, at some point in our lives we all have felt this way and unable to meet even our own requirements. Yet, what if we are faced with resisting injustice and faithless policies, what if we have declining health, are advanced in years, or have family responsibilities? We may be somewhat discouraged because such circumstances may prevent us from doing all that our heart yearns to do in the face of humanity.

How can we be  encouraged?