Sunday, February 14th Rev. Mary Grigolia: “Who Do You Say We Are?”

When someone asks you about the Fellowship, what do you say? Two years ago, when we asked each other why we come, we answered: To Connect, Care, Serve, Celebrate and Transform. As we kick off our spring stewardship campaign, come celebrate a religious tradition that dares to evolve with us and puts its faith in you.

Sunday, February 28th Rev. Mary Grigolia – “Racism Out of the Closet”

Twenty years ago, an African American colleague described the terror, whenever her (Black) husband was late coming home from work. Was he stopped by the police for driving while Black?
Had he been mugged by a gang or thug? Arrested for being in white neighborhood? My partner is white. I’ve never had to live with her fear. Her story lives in me, in sacred trust, opening me to compassion, to work for justice and equity, our 2nd UU principle.
What life experiences break our hearts open, so we may help create racial justice?

Sunday, January 3rd – Cal Frye: “Resolve and the Fifth Principle”

You may have heard this is an election year in America. We’ve already had debates and an onslaught of advertising. It sounds like democracy, doesn’t it? In society and also in our religious lives, the democratic process requires trust in the development of each individual conscience-a belief that such development is possible for each of us, as well as a commitment to cultivate our own conscience. We could call it a commitment to the value of each person. In the words of Theodore Parker, ‘Democracy means not “I am as good as you are,” but “You are as good as I am.”‘
Are we ready to live up to our half of the bargain?

Sunday, January 24th – Rev. Mary Gtrigolia – “Art and Spirit”

What’s the relationship of art, spirituality and religion? What are we expressing when we make art? Are art and creativity God’s language, Life’s message? How does art shape our inner lives? Are you an artist? Bring something you’ve made (or a picture of it) for the chalice table or to display in the Gathering Room or Social Hall.