Sunday, June 18th Dr. Julianne Frost – Refugees as our Neighbors

In this meditation, Dr. Julieanna Frost considers some historic, scriptural, and personal understandings on displaced persons.

Julieanna Frost, Ph.D. is Professor of History at Siena Heights University.
Her main areas of research include American Culture, Religious Studies, and Women’s Studies. She is the author of the books, Teaching the Pure Lutheran Gospel: The Life of Rosa Young, Images of America: Adrian, and The Worthy Virgins: Mary Purnell and her City of David, and Chemo Fashion Fridays: One Woman’s Breast Cancer Journey. And the daughter of Franklin Swinehart.

Sunday, May 15th: Rev. Dr. Rina Shere: “Living Our Dangerous Ideas”

Our Unitarian forefather Ralph Waldo Emerson provided an important legacy to us – the idea that the true work of our lives is the heart’s spiritual awakening.  Emerson has been called America’s first public intellectual, and he placed great emphasis on each individual’s capacity and obligation for decision-making and truth seeking.  Emerson also profoundly influenced the creation of a new path for Unitarianism in the 19th century.
Join us to discover how Emerson’s thinking continues to influence our collective faith and our individual  spirituality.