OUUF - ChairsJoin us for worship each Sunday.  Our services begin at 10:30 AM and generally last 1 hour followed by refreshments and a time for fellowship and reflection.

Children join us in the sanctuary for the beginning of the service, and then adjourn to their RE classes

Sunday, january 1st
  Rev. Samuel Prince  
“What’s Your Frontline”
“When faced with Challenges and Seasons of uncertainty, especially as we look for joy, love and peace, how can we stay strong?
What becomes that Frontline and base to solidify our Foundations?”
Sunday, January 8th
Rev. Mary Grigolia

“What does Life ask of Us?”

As we honor the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and brace for a divisive presidential inauguration, we take up William Barber’s call to all America, to ‘bring moral language into the public square for the common good.’ Or in the words of the prophet Micah, ‘to do justice, to love kindness, to walk humbly with Life.


Sunday, January 15th

Rev. Chris Long

“Dr King’s Legacy in the Trump Era: A Unitarian Universalist Response”

Rev Chris Long, who currently lives in the Cleveland area, has been invited to share in worship with us as we prepare for what would have been Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s 88th birthday, and the upcoming inauguration of President Elect, Donald Trump. With this, let’s explore what Dr. King’s legacy may teach us as we prepare for what may lay ahead for us all. In particular, he is hoping to offer his Unitarian Universalist response to the inauguration and the current social and political climate in hopes of helping us all to find hope, when hope may be hard to find.

Rev Chris Long returns to the Cleveland area after 11 years of being away. During these last 11 years, graduated Starr King School for the Ministry (Berkeley, CA – May 2009), was Ordained at Unitarian Universalist Minister by the First Unitarian Church of Oakland (Oakland, CA – June 2009) and spent the last 7 years in Madison, WI where he worked at the University of Wisconsin – Madison as an Assistant Associate Program Specialist leading 9 month long, dialogical social justice learning communities. He is humbled to be leading worship with you all.

He is looking forward to meeting and seeing you in 2017!!!


Sunday, January 22nd  

Rev. Mary Grigolia

“Minding the Heart”

How did liberals get so out of touch with millions of Americans? By using the rational mind for problems and yearnings of the heart. Explore how we may live and lead with our hearts, for a healthy democracy and a healthy life.


Sunday, January 29th
Edie Fuchsman
“The Glory of Breaking the Limits of “Should”
Have you ever allowed yourself to question why you should or shouldn’t do something and simply done what you are urged to do?  Some of us wrestle with the “shoul’s” and “should not’s” that fill our lives.  What happens if I break that rule?  What happens if I follow my own drum beat?  What if I break out of the box that I am supposed to live in?  Well, my world could become so much more than I can imagine or my world could fall apart or nothing could happen at all.  Let’s find out!
Edie Fuchsman is a mental health therapist in the field of rule breakers and self-creators for a long long time. 


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