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Unitarian Universalism draws from its Protestant roots for many characters of our services Sunday mornings. But we also feel that other religions have pathways to truth and practices of value. Our Fellowship’s services are something like Ohio weather, if you don’t like the A service this week, come back next week and see if that one suits you better. It’s bound to be different.

A typical service will open with a musical prelude, followed by opening words to frame a space of meditation and gather attention. We light a chalice, the symbol of Unitarian Universalism since World War II. The rainbow flame in our chalice symbol on these pages represents the light of welcome to all people.

Our services usually include several hymns, either from the hymnal or other suitable music we all sing together. There will be readings, sometimes a reading we do in unison together, and often a Story for All Ages, which brings the children into the day’s topic but with thought for all. Then the children may go to religious education classes.