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Our building is now open for Sunday services and other programs. Most programs are also on Zoom. COVID-19 protocols change; currently we are mask optional except for singing. Join us! Contact us for more information through this form.

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The Oberlin UU Fellowship is a welcoming, caring community that promotes religious freedom, encourages spiritual and personal growth, and works for a peaceful, just, and sustainable world.

Our congregation hopes to balance the individual quest for truth and meaning with our collective vision and work for social justice and environmental responsibility.

Upcoming Services

June 2022


June 5

TED Talk: A Darwinian Theory of Beauty

Denis Dutton presents a professorial analysis of what beauty actually is. He asks whether beauty is in the eye of the beholder or whether there are cross-cultural agreements on what is beautiful that suggest some-thing beyond an individual’s subjective judgment. Our discussion will be facilitated by Ann Cook-Frantz, Brian Warren, and Jeff Witmer.

June 12

Our Evolving Wholeness

In times of turmoil, we need resilience. One source of resilience is to become aware of blessings, which help us keep faith with life. Blessings change us, inviting us to wider ways of being, as individuals and in spiritual community. Interdependence calls us beyond individualism into a collective field of creative possibility and change. Service led by Zellda Zelley and Rev. Mary.

We’ll share a video update from Alexis Dedek, Executive Director of Oberlin’s Cause of the Month for June: Family Planning Services of Lorain County.

June 19

Fathering: Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow

A Service Offered by Members of the OUUF Men’s Group

Beginning with the World War II entry of women into the workplace, we have experienced increasing role reversal (of nurturing children being seen as the mother’s role and breadwinning the father’s role).

While the fundamental importance of mothering has always been self-evident, over recent decades there has been increasing appreciation for the unique contribution of fathering to the emotional and psychological development of children.

As sources of nurturance and support have become increasingly diverse, so have sources of inspiration for autonomy and growth. Who is inspired you? What mentors have called you to “be all you can be?”, Come share with us the awe and wonder of fathering, as well as instances in which it is not been ideal.

June 26

The Blessing of Our Living Tradition

Tina Graf, L.D. Moore, and Rev. Mary share stories and inspiration from the wider UU world, as the Unitarian Universalist Association gathers this week in Portland OR for General Assembly, to support congregations in responding to the needs of our time.

After the service:

At Olmsted, Emily Williams will lead Meditation with Mudras.

At Oberlin, there will be a potluck lunch, and all are invited to watch the GA Sunday service which streams at 12:30.

Join us for worship this Sunday at 11:00am!