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Our building is now open for Sunday services and other programs. Most programs are also on Zoom. COVID-19 protocols change; currently we are mask optional except for singing. Join us! Contact us for more information through this form.

Looking for spiritual community?

Are you passionate about peace and justice, sustainability, and religious freedom? Come visit! We welcome you!

The Oberlin UU Fellowship is a welcoming, caring community that promotes religious freedom, encourages spiritual and personal growth, and works for a peaceful, just, and sustainable world.

Our congregation hopes to balance the individual quest for truth and meaning with our collective vision and work for social justice and environmental responsibility.

Upcoming Services

December 2022



December 4

How we experience awe, and why does it matter?

Join us for a service about wonder, awe, and why they are important experiences.
The service will include a TED Talk with neuroscientist Beau Lotto, who conducted
an ambitious study with Cirque du Soleil on the emotion of awe
and its psychological and behavioral benefits.

In this talk and live performance, he shares some of their findings –and stands back
as Cirque du Soleil dancers create their own awe-inducing spectacle.
There will be a discussion after the service.
Service led by Jeff Witmer, Meridith Sender, and Ryan Mincey.

December 11

Of Darkness & Wonder

In this darkest time of year, we choose the Path of Wonder, opening to
mysteries of being and becoming, knowing ourselves and the world, renewed again.
Service led by Zellda Zelley & Rev. Mary.

December 18

Celebration of Light

We revel in festivals of light at this time of year. Share in the music, friendship
and hope these festivals celebrate. This will be an intergenerational service
engaging all the senses with extra candles, music, readings, movement,
and tasting of special foods with expanded time to share Joys and Concerns.

December 24 – Service offered at Olmsted UU Congregation

There’s Hope in Christmas

“Every night a child is born is a holy night,” every child comes as a ‘messiah,’
bringer of Wonder, healing, change. We’ll explore how Christmas practices,
stories and music evolved. We’ll end by singing of Silent Night by candlelight.
Service led by Marianna Carney, Lara Lillibridge, Jessica Watts, Emily Williams, and Rev. Mary;
with music by Katie Cross and Rian Fetting.

December 25

What is our Christmas Message?

Christmas is a sacred holy day for many Christian believers. A minority of UUs
identify as Christian UUs. Others relate to Buddhism, Judaism, Islam,
Humanism, or identify as Agnostic or Atheist. So, how can we integrate Jesus’
teachings into our own evolving and inclusive spirituality, while welcoming
members and visitors from all faiths?
Service led by members of the What Would Jesus Do Covenant Group.

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