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The Oberlin UU Fellowship is a welcoming, caring community that promotes religious freedom, encourages spiritual and personal growth, and works for a peaceful, just, and sustainable world.

Our congregation hopes to balance the individual quest for truth and meaning with our collective vision and work for social justice and environmental responsibility.

Upcoming Services

April 2021


April 4

What is Our Easter Message?
This service will be presented by members of the Oberlin-Olmsted study group “What Would Jesus Do?”
Easter Sunday is a sacred holy day for many Christians, who celebrate the bodily resurrection of Jesus and ascension into Heaven. Most Unitarian Universalists reject those beliefs about Jesus, and often celebrate Easter as the spring rebirth of all life. But the roots of our founding religions, Unitarian and Universalist, come from Protestant Christianity. Both religions embraced the concepts of universal love and ethical behavior as taught by Jesus, while separating from Christian doctrines such as the trinity and hell. A significant minority of UU’s do identify as Christian. Others relate to Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, or
Humanism, or identify as Agnostic or Atheist. How can we integrate Jesus’s teachings into our own evolving and inclusive beliefs and spirituality, while welcoming members and visitors of all faiths?

April 7, 4:00 pm

“Blind-Sided by the Right: What’s driving the rise of the extreme right in the U.S.?”
Rev. Mary Grigolia
Rev. Mary Grigolia shares insights based on columns by Heather Cox Richardson, professor of American History at Boston College. Followed by discussion. All are welcome.

April 11

TED Talk
Caitlin Chapman, Jeff Witmer, Ann
Cook-Frantz and Brian Warren.

April 18

“A Celebration of our Interwoven and Reciprocal Relationship with the Earth.”
Lara Lillibridge, Emiliy WIlliams, Mary Baird, Linda Garvin, and Caitlin Chapman.
This service braids science, spirit, and story in a celebration of our interdependent and reciprocal relationship with the Earth through poetry, prose, photography, and song.

April 25

“Finding Common Ground, 2: Listening Across the Divide.”
Zellda Zelley, Rev. Mary Grigolia
Underneath ‘us against them’, researchers find common ground among many Americans. How do we find it with those whose assumptions differ from our own? How do we listen across the divide? When is it possible and when is it not? And what do we do when it’s not likely?

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