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Upcoming Services
The Gift of Transformation
March 2024

March 3
TED Talk: Why change is so scary – and how to unlock it’s potential
Unexpected change like an accident, an illness or a relationship that suddenly
ends is inevitable — and disorienting. With a heartfelt and optimistic take
on life’s curveballs, cognitive scientist Maya Shankar shares how these
challenging moments can inspire transformation, offering three questions to
ask when facing uncertainty, so you can let go of rigidity and
embrace change. Service led by Ryan Mincey.

March 10
Transforming Easter
The Christian Easter narrative took generations to form. Through the
dominator lens of eternal damnation as punishment for original sin
for those who do not comply or believe, Christianity distanced itself from
the covenantal community of Judaism and radical love of Jesus. Removing the
power-over lens transforms the narrative. Service led by Jeff Witmer and Rev. Mary

March 17
Easter: Transformation Through Death of the Old Self
The Christian celebration of Easter includes the allegory of the transformation
of Jesus to the prophesized Messiah through his death and resurrection.
While many in our faith do not identify as a Christian, how can we use this
allegory in our own life and changes in ourselves? Service led by Ryan Mincey.

March 24
Keeping Faith with Life, 2: Coming Fully Alive
In our relationship(s) with Life, what does Life need from us? Howard Thurman
might respond: “Do not ask what the world needs from you. Notice what brings
you fully alive, and do that. Because what the world always needs are people
who have come fully alive.” Service led by Rev. Mary.

March 31
What is Our Easter Message
Easter Sunday is a sacred holy day for many Christian believers. It celebrates
the bodily resurrection of Jesus and his ascension into heaven, but most
Unitarian Universalists reject these beliefs about Jesus. Often UU’s have celebrated
Easter as the spring renewal of life.

But the historical roots of our founding religions,
Unitarian and Universalist, came from Protestant Christianity. Both religions embraced
the concept of universal love and ethical behaviors taught by Jesus, while separating
from Christian doctrines such as the Trinity and hell.

A significant minority of UU’s do identify as Christian UU’s. Others relate to
Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, or Humanism, or identify as Agnostic or Atheist.
How can we integrate Jesus’ teachings into our own evolving and inclusive spirituality,
while welcoming members and visitors of all faiths?

This service will be presented by members of the Oberlin-Olmsted
study group “What Would Jesus Do?

In collaboration with Dave Burwasser and Helen Kopp, with a special appearance
by a guest from 1st century Judea. Come join the fun!


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