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The Oberlin UU Fellowship is a welcoming, caring community that promotes religious freedom, encourages spiritual and personal growth, and works for a peaceful, just, and sustainable world.

Our congregation hopes to balance the individual quest for truth and meaning with our collective vision and work for social justice and environmental responsibility.

Upcoming Services
The Gift of Renewal
June 2024

June 2
TED Talk: Why you should take yourself less seriously.

Why you should take yourself less seriously. In this TED talk Paul Osincup talks about developing a
“humor habit” so that we can be happier and healthier.
Service led by Jeff Witmer & Peter Hoeman.

June 9
A Tribute to the Ministry and Legacy of the Rev. Mary E. Grigolia
Dearly Beloved Spiritual Leader of Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 2011-2024

A Service Offered In Veneration by Don Leake, Jeff Witmer, Katie Cross,
Ann Cook Frantz and Hanna Steele.

NOTE: We will have a special potluck today between the Service
and the Annual Meeting.

In addition, we also will have our regularly scheduled potluck the fourth
Sunday, June 23, which will be Rev. Mary’s final service as our Minister.

June 16
Equanimity: A Father’s Blessing

Our service theme for the month of June is RENEWAL. It is our conviction any father,
who is successful in imparting to his children the skills of EQUANIMITY is blessing them
with the power of renewal throughout all the phases, stages, and transitions of life.

Come join us in our tradition of celebrating Father’s Day together!
Service led by the OUUF Men’s Group.

June 23
Renewal: Saving the World by Renewing Relationships

In season three of The Last Airbender, Aang seeks to master the elements and
ultimately bring balance to the world. Aang faces internal and external challenges,
and his journey reflects the cyclical nature of renewal. The theme of renewal
is also shown through the personal growth and transformation of other characters
including Zuko and Uncle Iroh, whose relationship is shattered and then rebuilt,
mirroring the theme of renewal on both a societal and individual level.
Join us for this service exploring the idea of forgiveness, redemption,
and the potential for a new beginning, further reinforcing the UU value of renewal.
Service led by Rev. Mary Grigolia & Ryan Mincey.

June 30
Renewal: Find Yourself

We all go through changes in life, and often find that what is hardest to overcome are not
physical obstacles, but the obstacles in our mind. Renewing the way we view the world,
ourselves, and our situations is sometimes all we need to reach our goals
-but how can we really do this?

Rev. Ian C. M. Anderson has a B. A. in philosophy, an MAED in Leadership, and is a certified
palliative care chaplain. He was originally ordained into a humanist Fellowship
that he has since moved away from, working to obtain ordination and endorsement
into full-time Unitarian Universalist ministry. He is a former chaplain of Berkeley Masonic Lodge
in North Olmstead, and has given guest sermons for several UU Churches in Cuyahoga County.
He greatly enjoys studying Unitarian Universalism’s early roots, and actively tries to
apply UU principles in his daily life. He finds many spiritually significant moments in music,
art, and especially nature, with high hopes of sharing the beauty of life with everyone!


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