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Our building is now open for Sunday services and other programs. Most programs are also on Zoom. COVID-19 protocols change; currently we are mask optional except for singing. Join us! Contact us for more information through this form.

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The Oberlin UU Fellowship is a welcoming, caring community that promotes religious freedom, encourages spiritual and personal growth, and works for a peaceful, just, and sustainable world.

Our congregation hopes to balance the individual quest for truth and meaning with our collective vision and work for social justice and environmental responsibility.

Upcoming Services

January 2023

Finding Our Center


January 1

New Year, New You – Finding Our Center

You are constantly becoming a new person,” says journalist Shankar Vendantam. In a talk full of beautiful storytelling, he explains the profound impact of something he calls the “illusion of continuity” — the belief that our future selves will share the same views, perspectives and hopes as our current selves — and shows how we can more proactively craft the people we are to become. We will watch this TED Talk and how it relates to our month’s theme of Finding Our Center, with a discussion table after the service.

There will be a discussion after the service. Service led by Jeff Witmer and Ryan Mincey.

January 8

Finding Our Center – Love’s Converging Paths

Unitarian Universalism celebrates many paths to truth and meaning. But what draws them together? What’s at the center of our faith tradition? The Universalist call to Love – the most powerful force in the Universe. Service led by Rev. Mary.

Donations today benefit Let’s Get Real, serving the needs of individual and families overcoming opioid addiction.

January 15

Finding Our Center in Slowness

We spend much of our lives busily scurrying from one thing to the next, cramming as much productivity into the day as possible. How can we find our center through deliberate slowness? Service led by Ryan Mincey.

January 22

Finding Our Center – Individual Search for Truth & Meaning

How do we find our center as individuals? How does Love guide our journey? How do we support one another? Service led by Zellda Zelley & Rev. Mary

January 29

New Year Check-In & Potluck

This will be an abbreviated service with expanded time for Joy & Concerns, with a social hour and brunch potluck. Note, the potluck will be on the 5th Sunday this month.

Join us for worship this Sunday at 11:00am!