Our Congregation


Who are the members of our Oberlin UU Fellowship?

“We are people of all ages, people of many backgrounds, and people of many beliefs.
We are brave, curious, and compassionate thinkers and doers. We create spirituality and community beyond boundaries, working for more justice and more love in our own lives and in the world.” ~Unitarian Universalist Association

As Unitarian Universalists, OUUF members celebrate and affirm a wide range of individual theological beliefs. All people of good will are welcome to bring their whole selves into our community, a community where no person should ever feel a stranger.

As a Welcoming Congregation, we affirm and welcome all people regardless of sexual or affectional orientation, gender identity or expression and seek to partner with those who face oppression because of who they love or how they dress and express their identity. We welcome you at every level of congregational life—in worship, in program, and in social occasions.

Freedom of individual belief is the hallmark of Unitarian Universalism. We have no creed nor is there a test for membership based on a specific doctrine. Ours is a faith which places final authority in these matters to the conscience of each person. We do not hold any specific scriptural text or religious tradition as authoritative. Bound by no statement of belief, our members tend to keep open minds in a continuing quest for our own religious and spiritual truths. A covenant between our congregants is what binds us.

Worship and inspiration remind us what matters most in life and are central to our Unitarian Universalist faith and practice. Our spirituality is unbounded, drawing from scripture and science, nature and philosophy, personal experience and ancient tradition. Although we celebrate a wide range of beliefs – Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Humanist, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, atheist and agnostic, believers in God, and more – many of us feel uncomfortable with labels.

We are unified by our shared search for spiritual growth, guided by a dynamic, “living tradition.”

If you are looking for a spiritual home, we welcome you.


The Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is a welcoming, caring community that promotes religious freedom, encourages spiritual and personal growth, and works for a peaceful, just, and sustainable world. (Revised June 6, 2010)


We the members and friends of the Oberlin Unitarian Universalist Fellowship covenant to live together in our quest for truth, love, social justice, and environmental responsibility. In this spirit of caring fellowship, we offer our combined gifts and resources that ours may be an open, affirming, and welcoming congregation.