What does it mean to be a member of OUUF?

Membership means different things to each person in the congregation. It is not about agreeing to a creed. Ours is a covenantal tradition, what we expect from each other and how we will treat each other. We agree on universal values expressed in our seven UU Principles and we draw wisdom from our six Sources.
1. PRESENCE: Every member makes a difference. When you show up, you make us more than we are without you. We expect each other to show up when we can, as our lives allow.
2. SPIRITUAL GROWTH: We expect each other to make a commitment to keep growing in self-awareness and awareness of our world. As a congregation, we commit to supporting each other on the journey.
3. SHARING THE TASKS: We expect our members to share the tasks that make congregational life possible: From cleaning up after coffee hour to serving on the Board of Trustees; from teaching the children to helping out in the garden. We commit to welcoming your help!
4. SHARING THE FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: We expect our members to help us meet our expenses. We recognize that everybody’s financial situation is unique. We respect your need to set a pledge that is right for you. We commit to you to giving you an up-to-date financial picture.
5. WALKING OUR TALK: Ours is not primarily an inner-focused tradition, but one that puts our principles to work in the world for justice and compassion. We’ll help make it possible for us to work together.
6. CONNECTING WITH THE WIDER UU WORLD and learning more about our free religious tradition.

Procedure for becoming a member

1. Have a conversation about membership with Mary or a member of the Membership Committee.
2. Sign the membership book.
3. Make a pledge of money or service.