April 2022 notes from the Board

Here are highlights from the April meeting of the Board.

We continue to be “mask optional,” which means that coffee and food can be served; but we still expect you to wear a mask if you are singing in the building. We will continue to have dual-platform services, so Zooming is a Sunday morning option for anyone who is not comfortable around unmasked people.

We have scheduled a meeting for the full Fellowship on Sunday, May 1, at which time we’ll discuss three things: (1) a set of proposed changes to the bylaws; (2) the preliminary budget for next year; and (3) the roof and solar panels project. Then we will ask for a vote on these items at the annual meeting, which is set for June 12.

I am pleased to let you know that Hanna Steele has agreed to become our new Director of Religious Exploration. Hanna’s starting date is not yet certain, as we look at a possible hiatus for the summer for the RE program. 

Carmen McFarlin continues to be our OWL (Our Whole Lives) director, but given that we need to train volunteers this spring to help with OWL, we plan to run OWL both in the fall and in the spring next year.

We continue to work on finding a successor to our office manager, Eva Wynn, who will soon be heading to graduate school.

The next Getting The Word Out follow-up meeting is scheduled for May 4 at 6:30, continuing to explore marketing and our “brand essence” statement of Oasis of Loving Engagement.

The Nominating Committee has presented the following candidates for next year: President: Stephanie Gibson; Vice President: Lisette Burwasser; Secretary: Elizabeth Aldrich; At-large Board member: Jan Larsen and Meridith Sender; Committee on Ministry: Tina Graf and Ann Cook-Frantz continuing, one new person yet to be named. Nominating Committee: Joanne Rahn and Katie Cross continuing, Jeff Witmer new. You will note that I skipped over Treasurer, as the committee is still looking for someone to take that position.

I remind you that Board meetings are open to all Fellowship members and are held on the second Tuesday of the month, at 6:30 with a Zoom option. Let us know if you would like to be sent the link.

Jeff Witmer, Board President