Our Children’s Religious Education

Director Of Religious Education
Report to
Board of Trustees
August 2015

Religious Education Team: Met on Friday, August 14th. The agenda included updates on programming for next church year and transition steps for absence of DRE.

2015 – 16 Church Calendar – Programming:

1. Next year there will be 3 programs – (1) all children not in middle school – will use the” Interdependent Web”. This curriculum has been used numerous times and is a solid successful program that is flexible with the ages of the audience. The attached calendar has Sunday mornings that the program will be offered. There are 27 Sunday’s. We are seeking an adult to take responsible for offering this program. (2) Life Skills will be offered for all Middle School children. This program will be offered by Edie Fuchsman, Karyl Lee, Joanne Rahn, Cindy Frantz and 3 – 5 other members yet to be identified. This program has Sept, Oct, and November scheduled with adults in place. There will have to be continued scheduling and volunteers to complete the additional 17 weeks of classes from November to May. (3) Youth Group is will offered roughly using the attached calendar. Mike Frye will volunteer as youth advisor. We are seeking an adult, over 25 years old to volunteer as a second to meet the Safety Policy that is in place. This group may elect to meet only monthly or bi-monthly, depending on volunteer availability.

All New volunteers will have to under go BCI/FBI background checks –

DRE Search Committee: I have spent 2 hours with the committee answering questions and outlining steps to begin search. Discussion surrounded what are essential tasks of the job. I answered all questions discussion was open, lively and I believe informative to the participants. There are suggestions from R.E. Team members to the search committee. Stephanie announced she is the liaison between R.E. and board.

Transition: The R.E. team had a transition piece almost in place and was going to complete the process this month. But, at the request of Stephanie that I not participate a new plan will have to be discussed. The R.E. team has not discussed who will do what outside of Sunday morning program coverage –

Childcare for 2015 – 16 Matthew Rasmussen will be available from 10:15 to noon on the 27 Sunday’s mornings programming is scheduled. He is 15 and works only with an adult present. Childcare during social hour, light lunches, programs after the service is not in place.

Respectfully submitted,
Joanne Rahn

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