MARY’S MUSINGS – What Renews You?

The worship theme for September is Renewal. Renewal is life’s way. In September we witness a new month, new season, Jewish new year, new academic year, new congregational cycle.

Renewal is not just about cycles ‘out there.’
Renewal is about our inner lives, how we feel about lourselves.
Renewal asks us to be in the here and the now.

To let go of yesterday’s habits that caused suffering. To let go of narrow stories and expectations that hold back life.

Collectively, we are at a choice point in American life.
Voices of fear and hate seem overwhelming.
We may worry that renewal is unrealistic.

Yet renewal is not only possible, renewal is the way life works. We are wired for renewal. Every day we rely on a cycle of rest and renewal.

This year, this month, we invite each other to participate consciously in our own renewal for collective well-being.

We are in the midst of the most decisive presidential race in recent American history. Facing reactionary forces fueled by fear.

We must respond to fear with love, which needs us to become skillful in renewal, to be renewed, to be made new everyday. This is an arduous spiritual practice. And now’s the time for renewal.

How are you being made new? What’s renewing you today? For me, it’s about slowing down. Trusting the pace of the Universe. Getting enough sleep. Zooming with family. Going outside. Listening to birds. Taking a deep breath. Checking my voter registration. Playing. Hydrating. Trusting that Life will show me how I am needed. Signing up for early voting. Being present to what I’m feeling. Laughing. Pacing myself. Facing myself. Noticing and responding to racism. Singing from grief, from joy. Relaxing. Trusting life to evolve through me, through all of us, from Love.

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