Covenant Groups

For information about covenant group meetings, contact the office at by calling 440-775-0355 or send us a message through the secure form.

OUUF Men’s Group

The mission of the OUUF Men’s Group is to:

  • Support each other as men for positive participation in living the Unitarian Universalist principles in our personal and community lives.
  • Strengthen our bond and covenant together, expressing feelings at deepening levels, speaking from the heart and listening actively without judgment.
  • Facilitate personal and congregational spiritual growth in beloved community.

Our relationships exist in the space between us, which is sacred (Martin Buber). We honor that space through the use of Essential Silence, I-Statements, and Active Deep Listening.

Come once a week, once a month, or once a year.  If you identify as male and generally agree with the principles of Unitarian Universalism we hope to see you here.

Men’s Group meets Mondays, 7:00pm – 9:00pm. Men’s Group currently meets via Zoom.

Current Events Discussion Group

The Current Events Discussion Group meets once a week to discuss topics including but not limited to the election, the pandemic, climate change, and racial justice. It is difficult to overstate the intense emotions we share related to the pandemic, the risk in the upcoming election to the primary preservation of democracy, the movement for racial justice and police reform, and a fundamentally critical year in the climate change battle. Although the intention of the conveners is to provide a platform to give voice to those emotions, this discussion group is primarily conceptualized to be a forum for intellectual, cognitive discussion of the issues.

The Current Events Discussion Group meets Fridays, 7:00pm-9:00pm. The Current Events Discussion Group currently meets via Zoom.

What Would Jesus Do? Covenant Group

This covenant group discusses topics including Radical Religious Hospitality as Spiritual Practice: Returning to the Heart of Jesus’ Consciousness, Christian Renewal Within Unitarian Universalism: The Great Spiritual Migration (How The World’s Largest Religion Is Seeking A Better Way To Be Christian book by Brian D McLaren), The Great Spiritual Migration from traditional Christian churches by spiritual seekers and how OUUF, and this group in particular, can support this process through outreach.
The group also addresses the following EASTER MORNING QUESTIONS by Jeff Witmer, former Christian:
The important question isn’t “Did the body of Christ rise from the dead?”
The important question is “Will the spirit of Jesus Christ rise in my heart?”
The important question is’t “Did this disciples meet Christ on the road to Emmaus?”
The important question is “Will I meet Jesus on the path of my life?”
The important question isn’t “Did Christ move from the darkness of the tomb to bring light to the
The important question is “Will I move from the darkness of selfishness into the light of caring?”

The What Would Jesus Do? Covenant Group meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month, at 7:00 pm, via Zoom.