Covenant Groups

For information about covenant group meetings, contact the office at by calling 440-775-0355 or send us a message through the secure form.

Witnessing Whiteness Covenant Group

To dismantle racism, we have to recognize whiteness. How do we do that? Together.

This monthly covenant group explores the culture of whiteness that enables and maintains racism. Participants support each other in exploring our own racial identities and inadvertent complicity with systems of oppression. We learn to be vulnerable together, with the intention of becoming trustworthy allies for racial justice.

We use the book, Witnessing Whiteness and its accompanying curriculum, by Shelly Tochluk.

Living with Change Covenant Group

This group covenants to support and care for one another, to nourish our personal energies, our spiritual growth. We reach for deeper understanding of difficult topics as we adapt to life’s changes, big and small. We celebrate together. We normally meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 3:00 in the afternoon. “Everyone welcome! God Optional.”

Climate Covenant  Circle

Climate change represents an existential crisis to the interdependent web of which we are a part, and as a result to all other values that we hold dear.  This threat requires action on all levels — the personal, the political, the institutional… and also the spiritual. How can we acknowledge and work past the despair and paralysis that come from facing such a huge problem? How can we build the personal and collective resources to respond compassionately and courageously to the needs of our planet and to those around us, both nearby and across the globe?

This covenant group will provide a nurturing space for those seeking to respond more effectively to our ecological and humanitarian crisis on all levels.  This is not a study group or an activist group, but a place to explore our deepest fears, to nurture our courage and hope, and to support each other in acting out our values and convictions in the world.

The SCJ acts to promote social justice activities, hoping to involve most of the congregation in one way or another to support important community efforts. The Social Justice Committee currently focuses their efforts in these areas:

  1. Environmental concerns.
  2. Social concerns that may include:
  • Immigration
  • Equity in Racial & Criminal Justice
  • LGBTQQIA rights
  • Action to ease homelessness through such groups as Neighborhood Alliance of Lorain County
  • Reproductive and healthcare freedom
  • Human trafficking


Each month the Fellowship donates offertory money to a worthy cause which we call Causes of the Month. These causes are chosen from a list provided by the congregation who then vote on them. The top 9 are then selected by the Congregation. We have 4 permanent causes. They are the Minister’s Discretionary Fund whose monies are used to support members in need. The Unitarian Universalist Emergency Management Fund whose monies are sent to support families in need following a natural disaster. The Guest At Your Table program which is a Unitarian Universalist Service Committee program that uses monies in support of refugee and immigrant families. And Oberlin Community Services Helping Hands which provides support specifically during the holiday season to families in need.

Our other causes include:

Let’s Get Real – The only centralized Lorain Co. alcohol and drug counseling resource center. Their mission is to provide information, education, and recovery assistance to family and loved ones in their journey from addiction to recovery.

 El Centro – Focuses on meeting basic human needs, improving physical and mental health, and providing community development as Lorain County’s only bilingual social service agency. Donations support its food pantry, create access to mental health services, offer summer workshops for low-income youth, offer citizenship exam classes, and much more.

Family Planning Service of Lorain County – Offers affordable reproductive health care to both men and women and their families at medical offices in Elyria and Lorain and provides health education programs on request.

Genesis House – Provides temporary safety, shelter, food, aid and support to the victims of domestic violence and their children in Lorain County.

The Haven Center of Neighborhood Alliance – Provides shelter, hospitality, meals and comprehensive support services to families without homes. Provides homeless men and women in Lorain County with beds, meals and support, including referrals for work, vocational rehab programs, and help in applying for affordable housing.

Lorain County Free Clinic – Provides comprehensive health care at low or no cost to the uninsured.

 Lorain County LGBTQ+ & Allies Community Task Force – Collaborates with community partners to facilitate access to local and regional services and engages the community at large to support Lorain County’s LGBTQ+ community. The Task Force was organized in early 2017 to identify the unmet needs of community members.

 Lorain County Rape Crisis (a service of the Nord Center) – Provides free and confidential support and advocacy 24/7 to men and women of all ages in Lorain County who are survivors of all forms of sexual assault.

 Oberlin Weekday Community Meals – Serves a free hot meal to anyone in need Monday through Friday, feeding an average 25–30 people each evening, with numbers higher toward the end of the month when other supports, such as food stamps, run out.