Sunday Service, October 11th: “Surrender”: Mick Charles Bates

How do we create a blessed community within our Unitarian Universalist covenants? Wisdom literature from the ages asks us to work on ourselves prior to efforts at community change. The concept of “surrender” is a spiritual process that requires that one turn inward in order to impact that which is outward. It requires that we listen to life, inside and out, and not fight these messages but learn to go with the flow of the universe. Do you find that you listen to the universal voice or to the one that informs you that you are being illogical? Or do you listen to the voice that creates fear regarding the events that occur in your life? The first voice we hear is the universal voice presenting an opportunity to us while the second voice is the ego based voice telling us not to listen to the message from the universe. What would happen if we surrendered to the first voice and lived our life by moving with the ‘ow that the universal messenger has sent to us? Our sermon will consider this peaceful option as to a way to live our life in harmony on the inside as we create a blessed community on the outside.

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